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Covid 19
COVID Protocol

This protocol has been written from the results of our risk assessment in adherence with

Please read the above advice on how to reduce transmission. Although restrictions have been lifted the following practise will continue to reduce the risk of transmission.


Please do not attend the class if you have symptoms of Covid


Main symptoms:

The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are:

  • A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

  • A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

  • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

  • shortness of breath

  • feeling tired or exhausted

  • an aching body

  • a headache

  • a sore throat

  • a blocked or runny nose

  • loss of appetite

  • diarrhoea

  • feeling sick or being sick


Cleaning, Hygiene and Hand washing

Harrow Arts Center is responsible for the cleaning of the venue please let Bambusa Pilates know if you are not happy with the cleanliness and I will speak to Harrow Arts Center management. I will have cleaning products to clean areas if needed.


Please sanitise your hands prior to entry to the class. Bambusa Pilates will provide hand sanitiser.


Please bring your own mat, hand towel, Pilates ball (a small cushion can be used instead of a ball /small cushion and flex-band (preferably 2m in length. If other equipment is required I will inform you before the class. Some equipment will be available to buy but you are welcome to bring your own personal equipment or buy form another source.


I would prefer you to bring your own equipment but if you accidentally forget something and I am able to lend you equipment it will be fully sanitised in accordance to government guidelines. I will ask you to sanitise it after you use it, I will provide the cleaning equipment that adheres to government recommendation.

Social Distancing (class numbers, spacing and masks)
Class numbers have been reduced to encourage safe practise. Although this is no longer required I continue to do this for good practice.

Wearing masks is personal choice.


Please place your mats at a suitable distance.


Ventilation and Air conditioning

The room will be well ventilated in accordance with current guidelines/ Harrow Arts Centre also monitor this, so you may wish to wear warmer  clothes than normal.


Teachers and staff

Infection control methods will be in place as stated in this document which Bambusa members/staff will adhere to. I will ask you if you are happy for me to correct your position using my hands. I will only do this within current guidelines.


Teachers will not attend class if they have symptoms of Covid-19


An alternative teacher maybe available or an alternative class will be offered or a refund will be given if a teacher is unable to teach due to symptoms of Covid 19 or self isolation.


Other Communication

Please ask any questions or if you have any concerns Bambusa Pilates will do our best to help, if we are unable to help we will try and find someone else to help you.


If you are unable to attend due to Covid symptoms I will offer an alternative Zoom class which will be on a different day. If this is not suitable for you I will either send you a video of the class (if I have one available) or will give a class credit to enable you to book another class within 6 weeks of cancellation.


If at any time you feel you are not able to attend a face to face class due to any concerns about Covid and prefer Zoom Bambusa Pilates will do our best to offer you a Zoom class.
Tel. 07946 527772

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