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Who am I ?

I am Passionate about Pilates. I want to share that passion with you. I completed my level 3 Mat Pilates with JPilates , a well renowned Pilates trainer and Educator. I have a nursing and education background as well as being a Level 2 Swimming instructor. I love learning and I love being able to teach Pilates to a wide audience of people. I am fully insured with and am First Aid trained

I feel it is important to continue to learn to enhance my teaching practice so that you have variety, gain confidence and knowledge whilst having fun Pilates is great for fitness, strength, flexibility, sport, menopause symptoms, rehabilitation as well as having many other great benefits. I have completed workshops and courses to enable me to work with individuals with Neurological conditions, the Older person as well as individuals who want to maintain and improve their Bone health. More and more research is being done on the importance of footwork so I decided to complete both a foot and hand workshop with JPilates. These courses have added an extra depth and understanding to my teaching which many individuals have found both helpful and beneficial. I have also completed the Covid rehabilitation and recovery programme developed by e-LfH (a Health Education England Programme in partnership with the NHS and Professional Bodies)

I have also completed the Small Equipment Course so am able to bring a different dimension to Pilates by using small weighted balls, bands, mini balls, Swiss balls, foam rollers and the circle. I am a member of Jpilates Associates which gives me access to current research and practices as well as peer support. If I cannot answer your questions I should know someone that can help you.

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